Durian McFlurries Are a Thing That Exists

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The SF Weekly editorial staff is still recovering from the durian ice cream I brought in from Polly Ann's in the Sunset a few weeks ago during my roundup of strange ice creams in the city (descriptors around the office included "garbage juice" and "Milpitas landfill"). But the strongly flavored spiky fruit is very popular in SE Asia -- I've been told that it's a delicacy once you acquire the taste. Apparently so popular that McDonald's has introduced a limited-time Durian Crunch McFlurry to its Singapore dessert kiosks.

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The dessert doesn't feature straight-up durian ice cream, an intense experience, but instead vanilla soft-serve topped with durian syrup and crispy bits.

According to comments on the McDonald's Singapore Facebook page, the durian flavor isn't strong enough, and a few expressed disappointment that it was made with syrup instead of real durian fruit. There are also many requests for the fast food giant to bring the dessert to Malaysia.

This is just the latest in the fun game of What McDonald's Serves in Other Countries (Turkey has the McTurko made with lamb, Greece has the Greek Mac pita wrap, France has the Le Petit Baguette, India has the McAloo Tiki, a spiced potato and pea patty on a bun, and so on). It's always interesting to see how such a recognizable global brand tries to cater to local tastes.

Maybe McDonald's can combat recent falling sales by bringing some of these more exotic items stateside. Durian McFlurries might not be the first to catch on -- but who knows, it could become the basis for a new fast food-oriented viral video prank (see: Cone-ing).

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Katie Sims Stoyka
Katie Sims Stoyka

Ewwww! Durian popsicle is the most revolting thing I've ever tasted. Can't imagine I'd like the McFlurry any better.


I love durian in SE Asia but it must be in the hot, hot season and only harvested in a few spots. Davao is best for the Philippines and Chantaburi is best for Thailand. Also, get the right species and avoid the cheaper strains.

Anthony Chen
Anthony Chen

Hey, it was nice bumping into this morning. Been a long time, right? So, have you try the Durian McFlurries yet? Or have you eaten a fresh Durian fruit before? I have not (McFlurries). To me, it's not stinky at all..rather a pleasant fragrant fruit. I only like it when it's fresh, not frozen. I can't stand the malodorous smell of a frozen Durian!!

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