Chipotle Starts Identifying GMO Ingredients

Now you can find out how many ingredients in your burrito are genetically modified.
Today on the GMO beat, Grub Street has news that burrito juggernaut Chipotle has begun identified genetically modified ingredients on its website. The restaurant has built its brand on the strength of local and organic, and this is a bold move, considering that many of its ingredients are fried in GMO soybean oil.

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This follows on the heels of Whole Foods announcing it will require GMO labeling on any products sold in its stores by 2018, and Ben & Jerry's commitment to stop using genetically modified ingredients by 2014. Still, good on them, even if as Grub Street points out, it would be even better if they identified the ingredients in their restaurants along with the website.

Meanwhile, in other Chipotle news, last week the Planning Department recommended a rejection of the Mexican chain's proposal to move into the empty Home space at Church and Market. You may remember a few months back when Chipotle created a petition to drum up neighborhood support, and San Franciscans created a counter-petition to attempt to block the chain's entry into the neighborhood. Nothing is final yet, but it looks like that spot might remain empty for a while longer.

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Karl Wilder
Karl Wilder

Why not just ban the Frankenfood Chipotle?


Hooray for Chipotle, hopefully this will be the start of a new trend.

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