Nordic Food Lab Chefs Try To Make Insects Appeal To a Crowd

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"They're very soft and sort of melt on your tongue," says a chef at the Nordic Food Lab, the culinary think tank for the New Nordic Cuisine movement. "They're slightly sweet ... they're luxurious, they're delicate." He's talking about bee larvae.

If you're looking at the future of sustainable protein, many think that insect-eating will be the long game. The stigma is still that eating insects are pretty gross, but this cool video made by the Guardian shows the efforts of the Nordic Food Lab to make palatable dishes for the public, including wax moth larvae mousse and cricket broth.

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Energy Bars, Now With Insects

"What we believe is that insects need to be delicious if they're going to be genuinely considered as a potential food for many, many people," says Ben Reade, head of culinary research at the Lab.

See how well their dishes succeed on a crowd of Londoners:

[via Eater]

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