Taste Testing Chipotle's New Patrón Silver Margarita

Anna Roth
Chipotle has always offered margaritas, but they've recently ditched the pre-made mix in favor of freshly made drinks and stepping up the liquor offerings. Now customers can wash down their burrito bowl with a $6.95 margarita made with Patrón Silver tequila, triple sec, fresh lime and lemon juices, and organic agave nectar (there's also a version made with Sauza Silver for about $1.50 cheaper).

I spied the booze bottles on a counter behind the assembly line on a recent lunch visit, and decided -- since we were staying to eat in the sun anyway -- to see if I could tell the difference between the two tequilas. You know, work.

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The gal working the cash register paused after I ordered two margs at noon and exchanged a Look with her co-worker. It could have been interpreted as judgy, but I took it more as an expression of mild panic; this was only the third day of staff margarita-making and there seemed to be some uncertainty over who would prepare the drinks (Chipotle is training all their staff on drink-making, according to a company publicist). I waited by the counter for a minute in what was promptly deemed "margatory" by my friends before I was told the margaritas would be brought to the table.

They arrived soon after we sat down. There was definitely a difference between the Patrón and the Sauza -- the Patrón was rounder and milder, the Sauza had a sharper tequila edge -- but it wasn't marked enough to make me choose the more expensive option over the cheaper. They didn't seem terribly strong and went down easy. In the grand margarita spectrum, these were entirely average -- not overly sweet or artificial, but nothing extraordinary, either. Sort of like Chipotle itself.

Here are the locations test-driving the Patrón margarita:

Del Monte
Art College
Cherry Orchard
Redwood City
Mountain View
525 Market Street
San Jose Airport
Daly City
Palo Alto
Sand City II
Los Gatos

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