Now We'll Probably Never Get To Try Lion Meat

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The lion skewer photo that launched a thousand comments.
Ever since news hit last week of $70 lion skewers at yakitori restaurant Mokutanya in Burlingame, we've been considering a visit despite the high price tag -- I mean, when else are you going to get a chance to try it?? But Inside Scoop brought news today that the restaurant has pulled the lion skewers from its menu, due to public pressure from social media (check out their Yelp reviews or Facebook page to see some of the outcry).

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Here's owner Jason Li's Saturday statement on its Facebook page.

"As of tonight, we will stop the sale of our lion meat skewers for an indefinite period of time. The decision was based upon the fact that the public at this moment is not ready for this type of offering, which is obviously voiced out on our Facebook page. Mokutanya would like to take this opportunity to apologize to those that may have been offended from this event."

A lot of the outcry seems to be around the misinformation that lions are an endangered species. They're not, but the lion supply in the world is going down. Fifty years ago there were more than 400,000 lions in the world; today there could be as few as 20,000. The lion meat in question here is farmed, not hunted, but the very act of consuming such a majestic beast still raises questions about the ethics of the thing.

We're curious about how lion meat would taste -- it seems like it would be rich and lean, maybe a little gamey or sweet like horse? -- but don't really want to pay the $200/pound sticker price of the meat from distributor to find out.

If you do try it, let us know. Otherwise, culinary thrill-seekers should probably stick to the cheaper and less ethically ambiguous sources of protein, like spiders, crickets, and other creepy crawly creatures.

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Brian Santos
Brian Santos

Its survival of the fittest. If you were in the wild in line of site of that lion he/she would eat the F*ck outta you in a heart beat and wouldnt care one bit. did you know that they eat you while you are still alive? your love for this animal would change drastically if you were not safe in your metropolis, far far away from dangerous animals never having to actually deal with them besides at the zoo, behind cages and bars. I dont feel upset at all for eating animals, its what the human species has done to survive the wilds, and has enabled you to live upon the earth today. Get your sh*t together lady #TeamPeople

Shannen Coffey
Shannen Coffey

Plus, the article is misinformed greatly! Lion is endangered and is on the WWF endangered species as well as National Geographic listing them as critically endangered in the wild

Shannen Coffey
Shannen Coffey

Wow... Most humans (meat eaters) really freak me out. Lets all eat an endangered species, shall we? Wait, let's endanger them by killing them and taking away their habitat and then we'll eat the last of them. Sick bunch of freaks!

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