Moishe Pippic's Brisket Sandwich Pays Homage To Simplicity

Alex Hochman
The kind of sandwich an old friend recommends.
Adam Gasner turned me on to the Big Gulp. As high school freshmen, our sad idea of adventure was to cut class leave school a little early and take the K streetcar down Ocean Avenue to the 7-11. There, Adam introduced me to a "like 80 oz." cup that I gleefully filled with Dr. Pepper. Though the cup was really only 32 oz., a teenage addiction was born.

Cut to almost thirty years later and Adam finally pings me with his second "must consume" item, the brisket sandwich ($10.95) served only on Fridays at Moishe's Pipic, the venerable yet easy to forget deli in Hayes Valley. Lunch was hastily arranged and I soon found myself plowing through one of the most straightforward sandwiches in the city and wondering aloud to Adam how I'd not known about it.

There's not much to describe. Longtime owner Joe Sattler plops roughly half -a- pound of steamed Vienna brand smoked brisket in between two slices of sturdy, seeded rye bread. Mustard is left to user discretion. Yet in a city of tricked out sandwiches often featuring far too many ingredients, I appreciated this homage to simplicity. It brought to mind Baltimore's famed pit-beef sandwiches with its beefy intensity and tinge of smoke. Sattler is so proud of his connection with Vienna that he showed me the box that the meat was delivered in, Chicago postmarks and all.

So Adam's two for two with the Big Gulp and a brisket sandwich. Hopefully I'm not stuck waiting another thirty years for his next blessing.

Moishe's Pippic, 425 Hayes St. (at Gough), 431-2440

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Moishe's Pippic

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