Marin County Asking Residents Nicely To Stop Drinking Soda This Summer

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Here's a thing that'll go over well with the kids: The Marin County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution making June, July, and August "Soda Free Summer" months. While the measure doesn't outright ban sugary carbonated beverages, it does encourage Marin residents to adopt "soda free policies" at sporting events, camps, day gyms, and so on, as well as "host a soda free party or potluck." This is gonna be the best summer ever guys!

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Of course, soda is kind of the worst and we should all be drinking less of it. Dr. Jason Eberhart-Phillips, a Marin County public health officer, penned an op-ed for the Marin Independent Journal reasonably outlining all the reasons to avoid soda -- it's full of empty calories; linked to obesity, diabetes, and cancer; and provides none of the vitamins or nutrients of a beverage like milk, which it has replaced in many children's diets.

Eberhart-Phillips is hardly the first to take a stand against the beverage. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg famously tried to ban sugary drinks over 16 ounces in the city earlier this year, and former SF Mayor Gavin Newsom banned soda in vending machines on city-owned property in 2010. There are plenty of longform exposes on the dark side of high fructose corn syrup and the beverage industry, including Fast Food Nation, The Omnivore's Dilemma, or the new Salt Sugar Fat.

For now, you can show support -- and maybe find a sponsor or two if you feel yourself craving the syrupy stuff -- by visiting the Soda Free Summer website and following the initiative on Twitter and Facebook. The FB page has nearly 2,000 Likes, and if posts like this one can't convince America's youth to stay away from Coca-Cola, we don't know what will:


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aliasetc topcommenter

While they're at it, how's about enforcing the drunk driver laws better the kids drink soda than be dead from a drunk driver!

red.marcy.rand topcommenter

As a Jew I don't want local governments emulating Nazi Jew Mike Bloomberg. His billions should be confiscated now by FedGov.


Obesity is a complex issue and is influence by a number of factors (including age, genetics, stress, and physical inactivity).To assign blame to one source of calories is incorrect, has no basis in science, and is counterproductive.In addition, the beverage industry encourages healthy, balanced, and active lifestyles by providing consumers with myriad beverage choices in a wide range of calories so they can choose the beverage that is right for them.- Maureen at ABA


Not to quibble but... I suggest the issue is not with carbonation, sugar and empty calories, per se. Juice, popsicles and many other summer treats have long-since attracted kids with the flavor of summer fun. It's the corn-syrup, super-high sugar content and artificial ingredients and sweeteners that are of concern. As the owner of a small artisan cordial drink mix company, I am in favor of re-thinking "soda". If you like sparking water you can add all natural organic cordial syrups (Such as CardamomTuesday's Silk Road Elixir)  to your own sweetness specifications. Just a few drops of CardamomTuesday Elixirs and you get a hint of sweet without all the nasty down sides of commercially available sodas. Or go all in for a special treat. Plus, you can mix with cocktails & use in your bbq marinade! You can't do that with big-food sodas. Cheers!

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