Maple Bacon Liege Waffles Come to 331 Cortland

Suite Foods Waffle Shop
Belgian liege waffles are made with pearl sugar that caramelizes in the waffle iron.
American Idol is hemorrhaging celeb judges, but 331 Cortland never fails to land a hot new tenant.

Now that Bernal Cutlery's vacated for sharper pastures, the business incubator space in Bernal Heights has a new occupant: Suite Foods Waffle Shop, whose Liege-style (read: Belgian) waffles should be a welcome addition, far tastier than the cutting boards that filled the stall until recently.

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As fans of b. Street Waffles know, Liege waffles are the quintessential Belgian street food, made with a yeasty dough that has pearl sugar mixed in so that once out of the iron, a nice caramel glaze emerges. You don't need syrup and you don't need a fork, either. Far beyond mere whipped cream, Suite Foods is serving brownie, espresso and matcha flavors, with additional menu items such as poached eggs with smoked sea salt and seasonal fruit.

Owner and San Francisco native Sivan Wilensky has been hawking waffles around the Bay Area for three years now, at the S.F. Underground Market and at Stanford, but never in a retail environment. As a paragon of authenticity, it's probably a given that the waffles will mesh well with Paulie's Pickling and the other kiosks at 331 Cortland. Better than Mariah with Nicki Minaj, anyway.

Suite Foods Waffle Shop opens tomorrow, June 1. And of course, there will be a maple bacon waffle. It's practically obligatory at this point, right?

Suite Foods Waffle Shop, 331 Cortland Ave., (415) 285-3700.

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