How To Give Your Beer Taste Buds a Workout

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How good are you at tasting beer? How well do you know your own palate? Give it a tune-up with this new beer tasting workout guide published in Food & Wine by Magnolia Brewing's Dave McLean points out.

In it, he gives helpful exercises for upping your tolerance for bitterness (the dominant flavor of hops; it involves grapefruit juice and water in increasing proportions), pairing hop flavors and aromas with beers (for that, you will need to gather fresh pine needles, just-picked grass, and freesia; good thing it's spring), and determining how malty you like your beer (go brew some coffee, toast some bread, and buy some Whoppers and English toffee).

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In theory, after you've completed these exercises for at least 20 minutes three times a week, you will have shaped up your flabby beer palate and hang with the best of them at Toronado. What's up next, the beer-tasting Olympics? Actually, that sounds like a lot of fun.

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I stopped drinking in March of 1989. Given I am NOT running for any public office, as a former "beer.a.holic, where do I start? It must have TASTE, maybe room temperature, and...

"They" won't give up. May I have an O'Doull's Amber?

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