Gluten-Free Cupcakes for Free, Sunday at Sibby's Cupcakery

Sibby's Cupcakery/ Facebook
Friends who once ate French bread and pasta like there was no tomorrow have traded their wheat, barley, and rye for spelt, rice, and oats. If your almond flour-only peers aren't one of the 1 in 133 people who have celiac disease and really can't eat that bread bowl, then they're part of the growing movement of going gluten-free. According to Time magazine, it may just be a trend, but we feel you may have figured that out yourself. Either way, gluten-free foods are flooding the market, including these cute desserts from Sibby's Cupcakery. And they're good.

While we've never tried Sibby's gluten-full cupcakes, these were moist, spongy, and we'd eat more, except we finished the box they sent us. We would have eaten them slower if we would have realized their mini-cupcakes are $27 a dozen.

To try a couple for free, visit their bakery this Sunday, May 5, at their official launch event 10 a.m.-2 p.m. (or until they run out).

Sibby's Cupcakery: 716 South Railroad, San Mateo, CA, (415) 613-4373.

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