Cook Like Ferran Adrià In Your Own Kitchen With New EasyKits

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Guzmán Gastronomía
The spherification kit helps you "create spheres of different sizes and shapes that explode in the mouth."
Modernist Cuisine At Home, Nathan Myhrvold's scaled-down version of his six-volume opus Modernist Cuisine, was supposed to be the molecular gastronomy manual for the home cook -- though according to an account from Grubstreet writer Matthew Latkiewicz, it wasn't exactly the easiest manual to follow.

Now brothers Albert and Ferran Adrià have gotten in the game, peddling a suite of "EasyKits" that allow you to recreate molecular masterpieces in your own kitchen. The four kits -- Cuisine, Patisserie, Cocktail, and Spherification -- contain molecular gastronomy ingredient standbys like xantham gum, agar, algin, and gluco, as well as recipe books and necessary tools like syringes and tweezers.

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They're sold online for 70.15 euros ($92) and ship worldwide. Seems like a solid birthday present for the food-obsessive in your life -- and hey, if your friend just throws it in the back of his closet and forgets about it, at least it should provide some entertainment value 15 years from now, when we'll all wonder why we were so obsessed with things like "Campari air" and "spherified vinegar."

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