Beers of the Week: Mavericks Session Ales

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This week we're continuing our coverage of full-flavored, lower alcohol brews in honor of Session Beer Month. Today's serendipitous 80+ degree weather is a perfect example of why we need well-crafted beers with a manageable alcohol content for long afternoon sessions and outdoor activities. Get yourself to a patio, crack open a refreshing brew, and read about a new brewery with some serious pedigree.

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Not only are an increasing number of breweries adding session beers (generally in the 4 percent ABV range) to their portfolio, but an increasing number are building their entire portfolio around a focus on low-alcohol beers. Local operations such as Dying Vines and FreeWheel Brewing Co. immediately come to mind. The newest session-focused brewery on the block is Mavericks "Not Yet World Famous" Session Beers. Conceived and executed by Pete Slosberg in conjunction with Half Moon Bay Brewing, the entire portfolio of brews clock in at 3.75 percent ABV.

Slosberg, who created Pete's Wicked Ales and helped to usher in the craft brewing renaissance in this country, envisioned the line of beers after a string of bike rides over the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin Brewing Co. After pints of their delicious brews, he would sometimes have to resort to taking the ferry back to S.F. rather than braving a tipsy ride back to the city. Designed for an outdoor lifestyle, all of the beers in the Mavericks portfolio are canned for optimal mobility, freshness, and environmental impact.

Not only do they brew "kick-ass beer that won't kick your ass," but they're darn tasty too. This is proof positive that low-alcohol brew doesn't need to taste like your father's bland lawnmower suds. The first brews, on shelves now, include 'Back in the Saddle' Rye Pale Ale, 'Pace Setter' Witbier, and 'Pit Stop' Chocolate Porter. To taste these brews alongside a slew of session beers from other local breweries, be sure to head to the 1st Annual Norcal Session Fest at Drake's Brewing Co. on May 25.

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