Babaloo's Cubano Is Worth the Hunt For It

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Pete Kane
The Cubano at Babaloo
Food trucks can be a slippery lot. Sometimes, they go missing and their Twitter feeds fall silent. Unless DHS stalks them with drones, we may never find them again once we lose them -- or even know what happened, for sure.

So we are happy to announce that after a mysterious sabbatical of some duration which may have involved major mechanical woes, Babaloo is back. The Cuban food truck where most of the items are I Love Lucy references is once again bringing sliders, sandwiches and cilantro-heavy slaw up and down the Peninsula.

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Sure, you can actually travel to Cuba without as much difficulty as in decades past. But now you need only hit up Off the Grid or SOMA StrEat Food. Babaloo's Fred and Ethel (two fish sliders, tropical slaw and lemon crème fraîche) and Vita-NoMeata-Vegamin Plate (an island orgy of local and seasonal vegetarian goodness over rice and beans) are both worth a lunch-hour pilgrimage to nab, but it's the Cubano that we missed the most.

Don't let the pun-less name deter you. It's a massive portion of rich, flavorful pulled pork, arranged Neapolitan style with both rice and beans and a helping of tropical slaw, itself a mix of bell peppers, mango, lime and cilantro. For $10, it's a serious dose of protein, enough to give you energy to go back to the office and deal with those trolls from marketing, or maybe topple the Castro regime.

Pete Kane
Traveling far and wide, to San Jose and beyond, Babaloo appearances can be slightly, well, erratic. So if you run across a jungle scene on wheels, don't skip it for some flashy deep-fried Twinkies drizzled with Sriracha. You can get any day.

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