What's Up With GMO Labeling On The State Level: A Primer

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We're all sad that San Francisco has lost Jesse Hirsch, former Examiner restaurant critic and SF Weekly writer, to upstate New York and his new gig as a Modern Farmer staff writer, but we are excited to see what he digs up out East. Such as his most recent article, a primer on GMO labeling efforts in 22 states. In it, he breaks down all the legislation currently in play that would require labeling or all or some food sold in the state. Bottom line: A lot has happened since Prop. 37 was defeated in California last fall.

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It seems likely, based on nothing but the law of averages, that one of these efforts could pass. Either way, it shows that the chatter about GMO labeling isn't going away -- if anything, it's growing louder. And with announcements like Whole Foods' recent decision to require GMO labeling in its stores by 2018, shifting economics and popular opinion could make it an issue addressed by national policy instead of at the individual state level.

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Princess Tofu
Princess Tofu

Not everyone wants to shop by sticking a machine or cellphone up to things they want to eat. I'm lucky to live near my farmer's market.

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