The Onion Takes on Yelp in Latest in Long Line of Review Site Satires

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When Yelp reviews are a cry for help.
In the latest skewering of the popular review site, the Onion has published a pretty great article: "Heartbreaking Yelp Review Says It's Just Nice To Eat A Meal Around Other People." In it, the sad-sack protagonist just wants to be somewhere he can spend time with other people. In typical Onion style, which wavers the magical line between clunkingly obvious and deliciously subtle, the short article manages to make fun of the hyper-personal nature of most Yelpers' reviews, as well as the meaninglessness of so many online interactions.

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An excerpt:

"Sometimes it's just nice to hear another person's voice, you know?" the post read in part, lauding the eatery both for having patrons and for maintaining an atmosphere in which one can overhear them discussing their day.

Oh Onion, your food & drink coverage is almost always at least mildly funny.

And at least it's a better satire than "Ernest Hemingway, Yelper" from McSweeney's from a few years back, though I love this oh-so-Hem line: "The gyro was good and it felt good to eat in front of the television and out of the rain."

Though for my money, nothing beats the "Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews" series, especially #4. Just watch it, and quote the umbrella line to your friends for days to come.

Or there's the instant classic, Funny or Die's hyper-critical "Tricia & Johanna: Yelpers" ("Ugh, this weird fork. Yelping." "It smells like food in here. Yelped.")

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