Tender Greens Is Coming To The FiDi Within Next Two Months

Tender Greens
Today brings news that Tender Greens is expanding to San Francisco and opening in the Financial District in May or June. For the uninitiated, Tender Greens is an SoCal-based fast-casual chain that's a little like Mixt Greens except about fifty times better. When I worked in Santa Monica before moving here I used to eat the grilled octopus, fingerling potato, nicoise olive, and shaved fennel salad multiple times a week; if not that, I'd get a hot plate with freshly grilled steak, chicken, or albacore, garlicky-buttery mashed potatoes, and a side salad for something like $11. All of it's made with responsibly, locally sourced ingredients, yadda yadda yadda, and they have local beer and wine on tap.

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I'm pretty excited about the expansion to S.F., I'm not gonna lie. It's not because FiDi has a dearth of tasty lunch options (I wrote about three of them a few months back), and there is definitely an argument to be made for supporting small, local businesses like recently opened Heyday, Foundation Cafe, and Shorty Goldstein's versus a cross-California chain. But I've always found Tender Greens to be easy, affordable, consistent, environmentally responsible, and satisfying -- sometimes, that's all you need from a lunch spot. I'm looking forward to adding it to the rotation.

Oh, and this being San Francisco, the new location at 50 Fremont Street will also have onsite butchering classes. Of course.

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