Side Pony Gets Into Swing at Off The Grid

Tamara Palmer
Duck larb sandwich by Side Pony.
If you haven't yet been to the new season of Off The Grid's Fort Mason Fridays, there are plenty of intriguing new food and drink options that await you there. One of our new favorites is Side Pony, which specializes in remixing non-bunned dishes into sandwich form.

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Tamara Palmer
Side Pony's fun freebie.
So far, Side Pony has offered hoagie-like rolls filled with chilled Liberty Farms duck with kaffir lime aioli, cilantro and mint pesto, pickled red onions and Romaine lettuce for a new version of the Thai dish known as larb. The stand also squeezes whiskey braised brisket (layered with hash browns) and pickled fennel and citrus braised pork shoulder dinners between two pieces of bread.

While sandwiches are the current focus, fried pickles with tzatziki sauce is also on the menu. The vendor is a great addition to Off The Grid's international offerings as well as the current call for more playful and experimental dishes at Fort Mason Fridays. While some options there are getting a little more plated and possibly messy for street food, Side Pony has a smart idea to keep their proceedings very portable.

If you're feeling unruly or a little silly, Side Pony's also got a dish of free colored rubber bands for your hair. So if you see a few more errant ponytails at Off The Grid, you'll know to ask them where the good sandwiches are.

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