Foie De Vivre Breathes Life Into a Forbidden and Forgotten Favorite

Tamara Palmer
Foie de Vivre's foie gras torchon, served on asphault.
The statewide ban on the sale and production of foie gras was enacted nine months ago to the day, but that wasn't the end to the delicacy being served in San Francisco. Savvy patrons have gotten used to seeing inflated salad and "supplement" prices on fine menus, and connected diners have continued to receive foie freebies on their dinner plates.

But it took this long for a smart person to really explore the loopholes in the ban and see if there might be any way around it. Enter Roger Vivre, proprietor of the new food cart Foie de Vivre.

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Vivre, a recent transplant from France, was outraged when he learned of the restriction and how the state has seemingly targeted a family farm that was using the most humane practices possible. He has scrutinized the resolution and found no specific wording against an expatriate bringing in his own foie and selling it on the road.

"There is very clear language against making and selling foie gras," he shares, "But nothing about sharing it on the street."

With a growing Twitter following, Vivre has been able to serve customers a taste of a forbidden and forgotten favorite while on the go. His current menu items include a foie gras torchon with apricot sauce and Maldon sea salt and foie gras jelly donuts. They're both served on an asphault street slab. This, Vivre says, is to emphasize the sense of place. They're also free, though Vivre does appreciate a $35 donation for each.

Look for Foie de Vivre late nights from April 1 to April 1, now with two locations to serve you: The original at Pacific and Fillmore, and the just-unveiled sister spot on Third and Newcomb.

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Bayle Doetch
Bayle Doetch

April fools joke....... but I wish someone would find a loophole sans asphalt.

Karl Wilder
Karl Wilder

Dumbest law ever. I hope the revolution continues.

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