Flour & Co. is an Oasis in the Nob Hill Pastry Desert

Flour & Co. PB&J.jpg
Pete Kane
The PB&J at Flour & Co.
Previously, if you had a sick friend at St. Francis Hospital on Nob Hill, the only local pastry you could bring to cheer them up was a sad doughnut that may or may not have shared the deep fryer with something dubious. Not any more. The simply named Flour & Co., now open on Hyde near California St., will brighten your day whether you're out and about or an in-patient with amoebic dysentery.

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Flour & Co. interior.jpg
Pete Kane
Flour & Co's tulip-adorned interior.
Chipper 1920s violin music and tulip arrangements fill this cleverly arranged space, making the most of its limited light. In the cases, you'll find luscious (and highly affordable) items such as bacon cheddar muffins and lemon bars, with pre-made pie crusts and cookie dough sharing freezer space with Straus ice cream. That perfect combination of crusty and gooey, the bread pudding is a stand-out, and a tray piled high with peanut-butter-and-house-made-jam sandwiches certainly draws the eye.

But if you're looking for a real meal, it's here. Breakfast runs the gamut from homemade muesli to biscuits and gravy. Lunch selections involve salads and sandwiches, plus daily specials such as savory oatmeal and a carrot-potato-kale pot pie. Rich Stumptown Coffee only adds to the mix. Nob Hill is a pastry desert no longer!

Plus, Trader Joe's is right across the street. You now have no excuse to go grocery shopping while starving, and walking out with three times the hummus you went in for.

Flour & Co., 1030 Hyde St.

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