Best Sandwiches in the Movies: Don't Forget The Tiny Bread in Spinal Tap

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We very much enjoyed Bon Appetit's all-sandwich-all-the-time coverage last week for Sandwich Week, but had a few quibbles with their list of the 13 best sandwiches on film. Mainly because they missed one of our all-time sandwich scenes: The tiny bread (and regular sized lunch meat) that causes such a problem for Christopher Guest in This Is Spinal Tap.

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Go ahead, re-watch it:

In digging in to see if anyone else loved that scene as much as do, we found this "In Memoriam" sandwich supercut some genius made on the Internet. It features Bastian's PB&J in the Neverending Story -- that movie always made us want one of our own! -- as well as the other glaring admission in BA's list: The Thomas Keller-invented fried egg sandwich in Spanglish, the highlight an otherwise terrible movie.

We'd also feel amiss if we didn't mention the role sandwiches play in Bad Santa, especially the scene with the bologna tostada that Billy Bob Thornton makes the kid and his grandmother. (Unfortunately, we couldn't find any clips on YouTube.)

And an honorable mention to Joey's meatball sub on Friends -- even though it's not a movie, he was willing to take a bullet for it.

What are your favorite movie sandwiches?

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