Whole Foods Announces It Will Require GMO Labeling by 2018

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GMO transparency has become a hot-button issue in the country for the past few years, and even though California's Prop. 37 was defeated last November, a few other states are moving toward legislation requiring labels on any genetically modified foods sold in supermarkets. Today Whole Foods Market took a huge step forward today in announcing it will require GMO labeling on any products sold in its stores by 2018. It is the first national grocery chain to make such an announcement.

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The market claims that over the next five years it will work with its suppliers to help them source non-GMO ingredients or create clear labeling for their GMO-inclusive products.

This push for GMO transparency is nothing new for the upscale food market. Whole Foods was a major supporter of Proposition 37, and currently sells more than 3,000 non-GMO certified products from 250 brands.

It is also the eighth largest food and drug store in the United States, according to its press materials, and Whole Foods president A.C. Gallo told the New York Times that this move was in response to consumer demand. It will be interesting to see if the chain's announcement has any effect on the national GMO dialogue, or if it inspires local or national grocery stores to follow suit.

Here's more from Walter Robb, co-CEO of the company:

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