Tonight: Sample Girl Scout Cookie-Flavored Beer at Cevercería de MateVeza

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Anna Roth
Girl Scout Cookie Beers at Cervecería de MateVeza.
UPDATE 3/20/13 12:30 p.m.: All Girl Scout cookie beers are still available at the bar except the Samoa flavor. Enjoy!

Already panicking over the close of Girl Scout Cookie Season on Sunday? Stop stockpiling boxes for a second and head to Cevercería de MateVeza in the Mission today for a sampling of owners Jim Woods and Matt Coelho's Girl Scout Cookies-inspired beers.

There aren't any real cookies in the five beers (nor any real Girl Scouts), but the brewing duo echoed the flavors of the nostalgic treats in peppermint porter (Thin Mints), peanut butter cream ale (Do-si-dos), shortbread golden ale (Trefoils), salted chocolate stout with peanut butter (Peanut Butter Patties), and a Belgian dubbel with coconut and cocoa nibs (Samoas).

The beers are available right now (!) until they run out. Since there's only one keg of each beer, Woods estimates that a few will run out tonight and more tomorrow, so get them while the getting is good. Each beer will be served with its corresponding cookie.

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In a lengthy interview with the San Francisco Brewers Guild, Woods said that the Samoa beer was the most challenging, flavor-wise -- they eventually settled on roasting their own coconut and using chocolate nibs instead of cocoa powder. They also spent time on homebrewing forums to discover ingredients like PB2, a peanut butter powder without the oil.

And even if Girl Scout-flavored beers sound like a train wreck, we're willing to give them a shot. At the very least, the beers won't be sugar bombs. "They'll be a little bit on the sweeter side, but not overly cloying," Woods says.

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