S.F., Meet the Velopresso, a Bicycle-Powered Espresso Maker

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It was only a matter of time: A U.K.-based company has created what may be the world's first pedal-powered espresso machine, set to take the world by storm this summer. The "innovative coffee vending trike" has no motor or electricity, and most of the energy required to heat the water and brew the coffee comes from the cyclist-barista's pedaling.

That's right. They're calling them "cyclist-baristas," a term that seems tailor-made for San Francisco's bicycling, pour-over-drinking elite.

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The Velopresso team has spent two years developing the prototype, after observing the global trends for cycling, sustainable living, and high-quality coffee. "Our goal was a robust, versatile and 'go anywhere' machine that could produce high quality espresso coffees with the smallest physical and operational carbon footprints," they say on the website.

All the bike- and coffee-nerd details are on the website, or you can watch this informative video that breaks it all down.

velopresso video from Velopresso on Vimeo.

We expect to see mobile espresso-makers on the streets within a year, though we don't envy the cyclist-baristas their hills.

[via Grubstreet]

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