Revisiting a Childhood Favorite: See's Chocolate Butter Easter Eggs

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See's Candies
Your particular brand of chocolate-flavored nostalgia probably has a lot to do with where you grew up -- kids from Chicago have their allegiance to Fanny May and so on -- but my parents are from California and so holidays were always about See's Candies. And I looked forward to Easter almost as much as Christmas because it meant a See's "Chocolate Butter With Walnuts" egg in my basket.

The egg-shaped sugar bombs are about the size your fist, filled with chocolate buttercream and a smattering of California walnuts, and coated in dark chocolate. They're so rich you can't take one down in one sitting without going into near-diabetic shock -- when I was a kid I used to torture myself by slicing off a little at a time to make the deliciousness last longer, and judging from the comments on the See's website, many others had the same hoarding tendency.

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I'd actually forgotten all about the eggs until See's sent over a promotional box of all their Easter treats, and there it was, just like I remembered from childhood -- the same pale yellow box, the same rock-hard (and not very good) sugar flowers on the top, the same rich, chocolatey, decadent interior. It was like being reunited with an old friend.

They're a popular treat during Easter: See's makes more than 4 million eggs during the seven-week period leading up to the holiday. They've just released a video about the process of making each of them by hand:

See's Rocky Road Eggs are here! from See's Candies on Vimeo.

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I remember these in my Easter Basket when I was a kid.  But nothing compared to: 

back in the day.  There is a "Shaws' here in the city in West Portal and there is some connection but it's definitely not the same owners.  Not saying they're bad but I'll have to check them out for their seasonal Easter productions.   I can vouch and do for their rocky road fudge and divinity . 

See's has some of my favorites too.. .   Mom and I are both suckers (excuse the pun) for the molasses chips and Scottish Kisses.   Nothing needs to be said about the lolipops,...  other the best and just sophisticated enough for a grown up.

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