Good Eggs: Testing The New Grocery Delivery Service

Good Eggs Delivery Bag
Contrary to decades of economic thought, putting all your eggs in one basket may actually be a phenomenal idea.

With their recent re-launch last week, Good Eggs now gives Bay Area residents the ability to shop from local farms and food makers in the comfort of their own homes. Some of the updates include nearly doubling their vendors, laying out a new web store, and offering delivery straight to your door. Before the official launch, Good Eggs offered us a complementary crack at the new and improved shopping and delivery system.

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Mission Community Market's Chef Box

Straight off the bat, the site itself is gorgeous, and a vast improvement from the original. Pick your delivery or pick-up date (up to two weeks in advance!), select your location, and start shopping. Items are organized into sections such as, "Winter Fruits and Vegetables," "Sustainable Meat's and Seafood," and "Kitchen Staples." Once selected, grocery options appear with a price and a source. Alternatively, there is the option to select a particular producer and shop all of their offerings specifically. For recurring items, there is also the ability to subscribe so that the item populates into the basket every week.

Most of the items, especially the produce, seemed right on par with that which is readily available at other farmers' markets across the city. In fact, the $2 bundle of bok choy from Capay Valley Farms was almost double the amount one might receive at the Ferry Building for the same price. Eggs were comparable as well, at $5.50 for pasture raised, and local treats seemed to be similarly priced as would be found around town.

However, other items had higher price tags than most consumers are used to seeing in the supermarket: Whole chickens were selling for $27, for example, which is nothing at which to cluck.*

For all of that, the transparency in regard to the vendors themselves is tremendous. Each item chosen on the website was linked with an actual person's face, and a few clicks divulge specific details about not only the items themselves, but also the farm and the producer.

And who can beat the convenience? Nearly every item needed for a fully stocked kitchen is available, from proteins to produce and baked goods to fully cooked meals and condiments, all of which can be brought to you for a mere $3.99 (ours arrived within twenty minutes of the estimated arrival time).

Bringing fresh, seasonal and local groceries to your door has never been easier.

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*A previous version of this story incorrectly stated the Whole Foods price of a gallon of Straus milk at $4.50. That is actually the half-gallon price. SFoodie regrets the error.

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Hi Josh! Thanks for the wonderful article. We want to make sure our prices are reasonable, so we checked on the Straus milk pricing. It turns out that Whole Foods carries a half-gallon of Straus milk in glass for $4.69, and we carry it in plastic for $4.00, not $7.50 as the article suggests. $7.50 is the price for a full gallon. Thanks again!

- Cathy at Good Eggs


Hi Cathy!  Please accept our most sincere apologies.  We have made the change to reflect the correct information, and we appreciate your bringing it to our attention!  @cathy_at_goodeggs 

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