Learn to Be a Farmer at Farm School

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Break out your dungarees and get ready for Farm School.
On the heels of the news that Hayes Valley Farm, the demonstration farm and education center, is closing, 18 Reasons has announced a new series of classes called Farm School. The class description explains that it's not a "comprehensive how-to-start-a-farm class," but that it's "perfect for people interested in the politics and practicalities of small scale organic farming in the Bay Area."

Half of the ten-session course consist of lectures at 18 Reasons on the logistics and business of starting a farm, while the other half will be hands-on courses at the Bi-Rite Farm and Sonoma Garden Park in Sonoma.

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The price for the course, which has two sessions a month between May and September, is on a sliding scale between $375 and $500 -- you pay what you can afford. The course is limited to 16 people. Learn more at the Brown Paper Tickets.

And if the five-month class is a little too intensive, you can always sign up for a quickie in sustainable beekeeping or a round of cheesemaking classes.

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The photo comment is the reason why this shouldn't happen.  "Put on your dungarees?" WTF does that mean?  No self respecting farmer has woken up at 4 AM to tell himself, "well it's time to put on the old dungarees again".  If you live in in SF or Berkeley and plant vegetables that's called a fucking garden. No one goes to "farming school".  You're born a farmer and you live poor your whole life dependant on government subsidies.  Only in yuppieville would someone consider paying 500 to learn to put some seeds in the dirt.  Back in Missouri that is what we call a "scam".

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