Don't Fear Deli Board's Breakfast Sandwich

Alex Hochman
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Bacon, sausage, fried eggs. At first glance, the description of Deli Board's BK sandwich ($11) doesn't exactly provoke visions of a sexy brunch. In fact, upon delivery to a rickety sidewalk table, this breakfast appears downright ghastly. A unification of yolk, melted American cheese and Board sauce (think spicy Russian dressing) flows onto the sandwich's brown paper wrapper like a pale reddish-yellow lava. Don't be scared. Take a bite.

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Deli Board Turns Into a Proper Restaurant

Like many options at Deli Board, the BK features a Dutch Crunch roll that's unrecognizable when compared to its liquor store sandwich counter brethren. This bread is less dense with a crisper shell, its brittleness exaggerated by a quick turn on the griddle. Dwarfing your standard English muffin or biscuit, the roll allows excess to run amok inside. Not just bacon, but four slices of bacon. Two thick, oddly shaped disks of sausage that fit the roll to a tee. And how much cheese? "I don't know, five or six slices depending on who's making it," owner Adam Mesnick casually boasts.

It adds up to a gooey eruption of salty, meaty flavor. Any sane carnivore would share this monstrosity with a few friends. Sfoodie, never known for sanity, polished off the whole thing and thanked the gut bomb gods that the BK is only offered on weekends.

Deli Board, 1058 Folsom, 552-7687.

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Deli Board

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PJ Lugo
PJ Lugo

I don't care how good it is, at that price I'll try something else.

Chris Healy
Chris Healy

$11 for a breakfast sandwich is a joke

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