Check Out This Mesmerizing Video Tracking Foursquare Check-Ins in NYC and Tokyo

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9 p.m. check-ins in NYC and Tokyo show a mix of restaurants and bars.
So, this is pretty cool: Foursquare has pulled together all its data to condense a year's worth of check-ins in New York City and Tokyo into one 24-hour time-frame. The video is visually mesmerizing in itself, in the same way that the iTunes music visualizer is mesmerizing (we can only imagine how we would feel about it after eating an edible), but the data gets interesting when you start paying attention to the category color-coding on the side.

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During the day the maps are predominately orange (the professional category), though at lunch midtown Manhattan pulses green (restaurants). By 7 p.m., both maps are almost entirely green, morphing into light blue (nightlife). And by midnight, the Lower East Side is the pulsing center of New York.

Foursquare check-ins show the pulse of New York City and Tokyo from Foursquare on Vimeo.

Of course, the data is biased toward people who have smartphones and use Foursquare, but it's still a fun way to view how residents use a city. Now if only there were one for San Francisco... though our 2-5 a.m. map might be shamefully dark in comparison.

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