Baconalia is Back at Denny's With Ad Campaign That Will Never Go Viral

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Baconalia is back at Denny's, and a fun game is to imagine the meeting that the Denny's creative team held in order to come up with the advertising campaign. You can just picture some suit in thick-framed glasses going "What are kids into these days? FailBlog videos? Memes? Let's get some of those in there, try to viralize this thing."

So they made the Denny's Baconalia microsite, which centers around the tagline "bacon makes everything better." It's a prime example of how not to appeal to the youth market.

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Among other things, the site features a bacon-themed music video from advertising wunderkinds Rhett & Link, which includes both a robot and YouTube-esque videos of people hurting themselves, but doesn't feature many laughs outside of the lead singer's bacon dress (which we kind of want):

There are also e-cards and "memes" with instructions to share them on social networks, which of course means that they likely won't be.

The problem with the whole thing, of course, is that Denny's is trying too hard to get on the youth bandwagon with the things that are popular on the Internet -- but as usual with these sorts of corporate campaigns, the very act of attempting to create something viral is transparent and makes them seem more out of touch than before. (Note to McDonald's, which is looking to appeal to Millennials, don't go this route.)

It's also unnecessary, because the new, limited-time Baconalia menu basically sells itself. This is its second year, and there are tantalizing new items like BBQ Bacon Mac 'n Cheese Bites, a Maple Bacon Milk Shake, and Caramel Bacon Stuffed French Toast, which includes a "savory layer of bacon white chocolate spread between two thick slices of our fabulous French toast."

Has anyone tried the new menu? We're particularly curious about what bacon-white chocolate spread tastes like ... though we leave it to braver souls than us to try it and report back.

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