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For all the times you've thought, "I really wish cooking videos were more like avant garde cinema," the folks at Mugaritz in San Sebastian have made your dreams come true. Their new preview for "Cornet of Flowers and Nails," a dish the restaurant will unveil on its menu on April 10, isn't the first abstract video they've made (check out the trailer for their macarons), but it's definitely one of the most intense. Expect trippy music, extreme ingredient close-ups, and a lot of head-scratching.

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Cucurucho de Clavos y Flores from Mugaritz on Vimeo.

So what the hell is actually going on? If you can sit through the first three-and-a-half minutes of insanity, you realize you're just watching basic dish assembly. As Eater reports, a sugar cone is filled with a foam of cooked liquid and grains, and topped with dehydrated flowers, clove, and nails made from chocolate ("clove" is the same word as "nail" in Spanish). Once you know that, the video makes a lot more sense.

It helps to remember that Mugaritz is a Spanish restaurant very much in line with the now-shuttered El Bulli's concept of "techno-emotional cuisine" (known to most of us as "molecular gastronomy"), so creating an emotional response with a dish that goes far beyond its basic ingredients is just par for the course. Also, they're European. Enjoy, if that's even the right word.

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