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Magnolia Pub & Brewery
T-minus one week and counting until SF Beer Week consumes your every waking moment. While you sleep soundly, comforted by fantasies of sugar plums and craft brews, your poor liver lies awake, staring at the ceiling and pondering its inevitable demise. Never fear! Today marks the beginning of the 11th annual Strong Beer Month. With a daily routine of fish oil pills and liver stretches, you'll be prepared for the onslaught of beer week in no time flat.

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Hold Onto Your Livers -- SF Beer Week is Coming

Every year, Magnolia and 21st Amendment challenge your tastebuds to absorb a dozen special brews that are high in alcohol, flavor, and creativity. In recent years, newcomer Social Kitchen has jumped into the fray, offering up a slew of their own liver-punishing brews.

All of the beers go live Friday, Feb. 1, with a special passport that you can use to track your progress through the dozen beasts at Magnolia and 21A. If you try all 12, you'll receive a commemorative glass, a new appreciation for strong ales, and possibly a wicked headache. This year's assault of 8 percent-plus ABV brews brings new versions of old classics, brand-spankin' new beers, and even a collaboration with the hop-whisperers at Drake's. Without further ado, your one-way trip to enlightenment and liver failure:

Strong Ales at 21st Amendment:
Lord & Master Strong English Blonde (8.2 percent ABV)
Dub Step Imperial IPA (10.2 percent)
Red Giant Imperial Red Ale (11 percent)
Two-Lane Blacktop Imperial Black IPA (10 percent)
Hendrick's Imerial Stout (8.6 percent)
Nelson, Jade, & Helga Imperial IPA (10.5 percent, collaboration with Drake's -- triple IPA with rye and chocolate malt)

Strong Ales at Magnolia:
Promised Land Imperial IPA (10.5 percent)
McLean's Wee Heavy (8.4 percent)
Delilah Jones Rye (8.6 percent)
Quadlibet for Tenderfeet (oak-aged quadrupel, 9.4 percent)
Old Thunderpussy Barleywine (10.6 percent)
Smokestack Lightning Imperial Stout (9.8 percent)

Strong Ales at Social Kitchen:
Double Midnight Lager (8.5 percent)
Tripelpagne Belgian Tripel (9.3 percent)
Bob Quad Belgian Quadrupel (10.4 percent)
Sunshine Fix Double IPA (9.7 percent)
Big Barleywine (10.6 percent)
Kilderkin Bowling Rye Pale Ale (8.3 percent)

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