Okay, "Shit Bartenders Say" is a Pretty Great Mixology Parody Too

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In this morning's recap of our favorite mixology parodies in recent memory, we neglected to mention last year's "Shit Bartenders Say," a fact many of you pointed out to us on Twitter. We apologize -- we never saw it the first time around, because we tired of the "Shit [People] Say" meme almost as soon as it started.

But whether because the concept seems fresh again 12 months later, or because it's actually pretty funny, we admit to LOLing at this one more than once. (Favorite lines: "Aquavit bores me." "You should try my cherry bark cayenne bitters." "Am I the only one that gets smoke on this?")

It's not quite as good as Parks & Rec's masterful skewering of "molecular mixology" a few weeks ago, but it's pretty funny. Watch it after the jump.

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