NBC TV Casting: Home Cooks, Step Up (And Tighten Your Apron Strings!)

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Calling all home cooks! NBC is scouting for a new cooking show with the working title of Food Fighters. Many of the pertinent details are being kept under wraps. Casting Producer Erin Tomasello wouldn't fully dish on the reported "Big $$$$ prize" (for a dish of "bangin' BBQ", no less!) or if any celebs would be involved with this project just yet. Knowing this show is slated for primetime on a major network means that it could offer peeks of real home cooks strutting their culinary stuff, with some famous faces mixed in to keep things compelling.

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The process is straightforward: home cooks should submit their personal info and cooking pics via email. Thankfully, the audition does not involve a merciless cattle call. I have worked behind the scenes for a food show audition at a giant SF hotel and have one word to share about cattle calls: brutal!

Here's the official pitch:

"Have you been perfecting your family recipes for years? Have you ever wondered how your signature dishes would stack up against those of a professional chef? From bangin' BBQ to succulent souffl├ęs, the hunt is on to find the best home cookin' in the country. Get ready to take your culinary creations from the dining room table to the judge's table.

A brand new NBC prime-time competition show is putting everyday home cooks up against professional chefs in the ultimate head to head showdown. This is your chance to tighten your apron strings and break out your secret ingredients for the chance to win a huge cash prize, not to mention bragging rights!

In this high-pressure competition you're going to need courage, strategy and culinary skills to win, because every dish matters and every decision counts. From pancakes and grilled cheese to pasta and the perfect steak, winning has never tasted so good! We are looking for contestants who are bold, confident and have the skills and tenacity to take on the professionals! If you CAN stand the heat, now's the time to get IN the kitchen!

Please email us at NBChomecookshow@gmail.com with the following information: your name, occupation, current location, and contact information (including your phone number and email address). Include a detailed description of your cooking style and signature dishes. Please also include two recent photos of yourself along with photos of your signature dishes.
All applicants must be at least 18 years of age and legal residents of the United States."

Good luck to all, and do let SFoodie know if you happen to make the cut.

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