Ice Cream Travel Guide, All-In-One Utensils and More Need Support

The Clover Cook Set combines a spatula, spoon, and tongs in one utensil.
A tour around the current projects bidding for your bucks over at Kickstarter reveals ideas designed to make your cooking and eating pursuits a little bit easier. San Francisco's Alite Designs is looking for assistance to finish creating the Clover Cook Set, which combines a spoon, spatula, and pair of tongs into a three-in-one, interlocking utensil. A donation of at least $20 will get you one of the first sets, and the incentives to give more include other smart Alite products such as hiking and camping kits.

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Jennifer Ng nurtured a lifelong love of ice cream here in San Francisco, and she uses the city as a starting point for an international Ice Cream Travel Guide that she'd like to publish. Donations will help her travel around the world to interview ice cream makers and flesh out a global map of frozen desserts.

Oakland's Timeless Coffee Roasters hopes for a little more help to put a new roaster in their retail location on Piedmont Avenue. The bakery and coffee shop is offering some enticing incentives for larger donations, including a monthly coffee bean subscription and a private tasting party. Smaller donations, also appreciated, will grab you cups of coffee, pastries, and your own mug.

San Francisco's Claudia Ossa hopes to make a television pilot for a program called The Yum Factor, on which contestants would compete to win money and business training in order to launch their specialty food business. High rollers can earn executive producer credits and/or their own bean bag chair.

If you get a kick out of any of these projects, consider giving them a Kick.

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