Controversy Over Dodge Ram's "God Made a Farmer" Ad

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During the Super Bowl you probably saw Dodge Ram's visually arresting "God Made a Farmer" ad, which set photos of American farmers in the heartland to a 1978 speech by Paul Harvey addressing the Future Farmers of America.

The ad has generated a huge amount of controversy on the Internet -- accusing it of being a ripoff of an earlier YouTube video, a nostalgic and inaccurate reflection of current farming life, and most of all, an incredibly whitewashed look at current farming demographics ... because the vast majority of the people featured in the ad are white. And the farming industry is mostly not (around 70 percent of American farm workers were born in Mexico, according to a Department of Labor study).

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This being the Internet, the controversy has spawned several video responses to the commercial. Latino nonprofit group Cuéntame "fixed" the ad by running the same speech over photos of Latino faces, an effective and touching tribute.

And now Funny or Die is now in the game with its "God Made a Factory Farmer," which turns out to be a surprisingly quick and dirty summary of the issues facing the American farming industry -- GMO seeds, high-fructose corn syrup, farm subsidies, etc. Stick around for the tag at the end.

Here's the original Dodge Ram commercial for comparison:

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