Drown Your 49ers-Related Sorrows in JELL-O Pudding Tomorrow

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Tastes like defeat.
Ah, the misguided marketing efforts of major corporations -- like this rather stupid promotion from JELL-O for sad 49ers fans.

"While San Francisco may not have won the trophy in tonight's big game, they will be getting a cup... of JELL-O pudding," begins the press release, which promises cups of free JELL-O pudding -- handed out by Ronnie Lott, no less -- to those who show up at Broadway and Columbus tomorrow starting at 12:30 p.m.

"JELL-O has always been about funning things up and we want a put a smile on the town that has its spirits down -- plus nothing masks the bitter taste of defeat like the sweet taste of JELL-O Pudding," says senior brand manager Greg Gallagher. (Personally, we think that bitter, Kraft-owned Vegemite would be a better giveaway to the defeated masses, but whatever.)

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Our own Joe Eskenazi has more over on the news blog The Snitch.

Here's the ad in full if you want to make fun of it watch it:

In related news, it also looks like Colin Kaepernick will not be getting free Red Robin for life. It's a sad day for everyone.

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