Our Three Favorite Mixology Parodies, in Honor of This Week's Review

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"This is the wrong way to consume alcohol."
In this week's review, I called out new Mission hotspot Trick Dog for coming dangerously close to being a parody of the worst kind of mixology bar (it isn't, by the way, because the food and drinks are almost uniformly awesome). This was very much on my mind during my visits, partially because the pretentions of mixology can get ridiculous in a hurry -- you know, just give me my goddamn drink already -- and partially because the past few years have been rich in mixology parody videos. Here are three of the best.

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Parks & Recreation

A visit to the new "molecular mixology" bar of Tom's choice results in a Bud Lite that looks like cotton candy, a "Nimbus martini" for Tom that requires the bartender to ask "May I now chisel your aromasphere?", and a "play on Scotch" that prompts Ron Swanson to ask if the entire establishment is a practical joke of some kind.

Mixologist: The Music Video

The rap video spoof that made its rounds on the Internet last year for its refrain ("hey, Mr. Mixologist. Did you have to go to college for this?") as well as its deft skewering of everything: mustache wax, speakeasies, oversized ice cubes, and drinks that require descriptions like "this is a smoked salmon-infused vodka with a few drinks of ice plant tincture, served over crushed lava rocks." Plus, it's from Fog & Smog, the team behind Whole Foods Parking Lot and Berkeley Enough?.


Carrie's flirtation with mixologist Andy Samberg results in him mixing a drink for her that's got all kinds of ridiculous ingredients -- chard ice, eggshell, rotten banana, etc. -- but turns out to be the best drink she's ever had. How to flirt back? Fred's got the answer: "He mixed you a drink, now you mix him a tape." Hipster nonsense at its finest.

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