Take a Gander at the New Lucky Peach Guide to Dim Sum

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Over the weekend Buzzfeed published an online version of S.F.-based Lucky Peach magazine's new guide to dim sum, which appears in the latest issue (number 5) all about Chinatown. The online version is pretty damn comprehensive, with plenty of text and a complicated classification system involving phrases like "Chicken Buns: Leavened wheat dough wrapper family" and 16 symbols denoting everything from the preparation technique to whether it's likely to be spicy.

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It's dense with information, too, giving the historical background and other pertinent details about all the common dim sum dishes. We'll admit, it was a little too much for our first day back at work after the holidays, and after a few entries we gave up and started looking at the pretty pictures. We're definitely bookmarking it for later, though, when we have the attention span to really dig in. And in the meantime, it's inspired us to go out and eat some shrimp balls and sticky rice, like, immediately.

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