Taco Tuesdays: Five Places to Celebrate

Tamara Palmer
Berkeley ice cream sandwich shop C.R.E.A.M. celebrates Taco Tuesdays.
The national Mexican food chain Taco John's holds a national trademark on the phrase "Taco Tuesday," but you'd never know it because the phrase has transcended ownership and it's a common special everywhere in the United States.

Here in the Bay Area, we may be snobby about our food -- but not too snobby to approach Taco Tuesdays ("s" added to avoid infringement) with style and flavor. Hell, we even have a DJ Taco Tuesday who spins in the clubs around here. Check out five notables:

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5. The Blue Light

If you're stranded in the Marina on a Tuesday with little cash in your pocket, you can flirt with a post-frat boy to get dinner, or you can come here for soft corn tacos filled with beef, chicken, or fish for a buck.

4. Mas Sake

This "freestyle sushi" spot surprisingly offers large and crispy "super tacos" for $4 on Tuesdays (regularly $11-12). There's a choice of grilled chicken, carne asada, spicy shrimp, and seared ahi, and it's the only place in town where you can get an order of teriyaki to go with it.

3. Lake Chalet

Gaze at Oakland's Lake Merritt from the restaurant deck while enjoying $2.50 soft tacos in grilled jicama, braised chicken, or fresh fish varieties. A similar deal is offered at sister restaurant Beach Chalet in San Francisco, minus the vegan option of jicama tacos but with the addition of the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop.

2. The Taco Shop at Underdog's

A Sunset District sports bar got immeasurably better when Nick Fasanella (who used to operate Nick's Crispy Tacos and now runs Tacko) started selling tacos inside. Tuesdays means $2 soft tacos (carnitas, chicken, beef, and veggie) and $2 Tecates. Not a bad price for organic (the tacos, at least). It was voted SF Weekly's Best Taco Tuesday in 2011, the last time a prize in this category was awarded.

1. C.R.E.A.M.

At this popular ice cream sandwich shop in Berkeley, Taco Tuesdays means a dollar off of ice cream tacos and free toppings between 8-10 p.m. You can far surpass the old convenience store Choco Taco and get a taco with multiple flavors of ice cream and cookies.

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