Ridiculous Websites Claim S.F. Doesn't Lead the Country in Brewing or General Booziness

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So we do understand that, statistically speaking, San Francisco can't be the best at everything food- and drink-wise (even though it totally is), and also that complaining about silly Internet lists is like complaining about philandering politicians or high gas prices -- these things will happen no matter how much we lament them, so we might as well accept them and co-exist peacefully. That said, a few ridiculous lists were brought to our attention over the weekend that challenged S.F.'s boozy superiority, and we couldn't just let them go gently into the great listicle graveyard in the sky.

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First up is the Daily Beast's list of the 25 Drunkest Cities in America in 2012, in which San Francisco came in at number 18. Eighteen! Not even in the top 10! A surprising revelation to anyone who's spent a Friday or Saturday night in the Mission or Marina. And okay, since the list was based on actual data -- the number of alcoholic drinks per month per adult, cross-referenced with the CDC's info on the percentage of residents who were binge or heavy drinkers -- we suppose it's technically a good thing that we aren't closer to the top.

Still, we still feel a little shame at coming in below smaller cities like Norfolk, Va. (number two), Omaha, Neb. (number 12), and Springfield, Mass. (number 14). Let's chalk this one up to the fact that California doesn't have long, cold, dark winters to drink our way through, and also there's hella to do in San Francisco besides drink in bars. Moving on.

This morning music editor Ian S. Port sent us a list from bro site AMOG ("alpha male of the group") about the 10 American cities that brew the best beer. And uh, S.F. only squeaked in at number seven. According to AMOG, both Albuquerque and Philly brew better beer than we do. S.F.'s relatively low placement is stupid in itself (has the writer even heard of Beer Week?), but at least we made it on the list, a courtesy not extended to beer-centric West Coast cities like San Diego and Seattle ... though Portland, naturally, is number one.

For this one, we do have some sympathy for the writer -- it's super-boring to make the same predictable list that already exists everywhere else on the Internet -- but that only goes so far. If you're gonna make a list of the best beer cities in the country, make a list of the best beer cities in the country. Otherwise, come up with a different angle (most surprising beer cities in America, for instance?) that allows you to do something new. Or is there something we don't know about the beer scene in New Mexico?

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