Portlandia's Food World Satire Just Keeps Getting Better: Our Favorite Sketches

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Portlandia may only be funny half the time and lose control of its sketches more often than not, but we love it just the same -- in part because the show has some of television's best criticism of the contemporary food scene's foibles and pretensions. An upcoming sketch about a raw vegan restaurant with a "fart patio" is just the latest. The main joke is funny, but we love the pixie-like waitress's correction of the quinoa pronunciation even more.

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It got us thinking about our favorite food sketches in Portlandia over the years ...

The professional bill-splitter in last week's episode ("That leaves the damage at $93.50 each, $82.20 for the vegetarians, $58.55 for the teetotalers ..."):

The Mixologist ("That is a ginger-based bourbon drink infused with honey, lemon, and chard ice. Then building off of that base we've got cherry tomato, lime zest, I actually made the bitters myself at home, we've got egg whites, egg shell, egg yellows, rotten banana ..."):

Around the World in 80 Plates ("This place really is a culinary voyage across the seven seas of flavor."):

We Can Pickle That! (self-explanatory):

The Allergy Pride Parade ("Really, for some people a Thai restaurant is a death trap."):

Dumpster Divers ("Look, baby food, we can use it as a sauce."):

No Grocery Bag ("It doesn't matter what you were doing; when I wake up in the morning my eyes don't forget to open, my heart doesn't forget to beat."):

Is It Local? ("So here is the chicken you'll be enjoying tonight. His name was Colin, here are his papers."):

Dream of the 1890s ("Remember in the '90s when everyone was pickling their own vegetables and brewing their own beer. ... Everyone used to carve their own ice cubes..."):

Food Coma ("I say burgers. I had salad on Monday and I was mad at my salad. It was like not eating."):

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