Our Food & Drink Resolutions for the New Year

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Food editor Anna Roth is looking forward to some mushroom foraging in 2013.
We're still heavy in New Year's Resolution-making mode over here at SFoodie. But instead of the usual ones about eating more vegetables, drinking less, and working out more -- all well-intentioned, but boring -- we've decided to make some food and drink resolutions this year that will actually be a pleasure to work toward. From exploring historic S.F. restaurants to organizing our booze collections, see what our editor and a few regular contributors want to do food-and-drinks-wise in 2013.

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Food critic and SFoodie editor Anna Roth: "I'm definitely looking forward to exploring more in Oakland and Berkeley -- there is so much going on over there and I haven't spent nearly enough time checking it out. I also want to find the definitive answer for the best breakfast burrito in the city. And go on a foraging mission -- either by land with ForageSF or by sea with Kirk Lombard, preferably both."

Regular contributor Tamara Palmer: "I'm hoping to continue to discover off-the-beaten path foods and flavors here in the Bay Area, but also not to overindulge too much in the name of research. It can be hard to balance enthusiasm with occasionally going overboard!"

Cocktails writer and regular food truck correspondent Lou Bustamante: "Finally making it out to Hawker Fare, exploring more East Bay bars, and organizing my collection of liquor with some kind of boozy-decimal system."

Contributor Wendy Hector: "To take a break from the new and go old school, and hit up all the classic SF spots I haven't been to yet -- like Tadich Grill, House of Prime Rib, House of Shields. I always overlook those places, but they have so much history and panache."

Contributor Mary Ladd: "I'd love to try an underground dining experience, as well as continue to seek out the best burger and fries in the Bay Area. I am always on the lookout for amazing blueberry pancakes, which is something of a seasonal vision quest. Since it's one exit away, I will also check out the gems of the Excelsior District, with a first stop at Zabb Thai Cuisine."

What are your food and drink resolutions for 2013?

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