New Vegan Cooking Show, a Hero Chicken, and Down With Pork!

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Good morrow, friends! Happy Meatless Monday! For your weekly food porn, I present German Chocolate Cake Rolls from Vegan Heartland! Hubba hubba:

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My omni boyfriend Mark Bittman led the year off with another lovely piece advocating for better treatment of farm animals. My omni boyfriend is the best!

Here's a nice easy thing you can do: Californians can now support Animal Place while they shop at some handy stores! You get a free SHARES card and have at it. I love shopping and I love animals so this is very relevant to my interests.

Ecorazzi is keeping a close eye on Ne-Yo's new vegan diet (lifestyle?) and it looks like things are going swell.

The biggest news all week is obvi the first episode of an all-vegan cooking show on the Cooking Channel. It's all anyone's talking about! I miss it. I was out partying as per usual. But who saw it? What'd you think? You can watch some of the dudes videos on Youtube such as this little number:

A Purdue University survey has some totally radical news: 14% of participants said they've reduced their pork consumption because of animal welfare concerns, and at an average of 56%! That, my friends, is how you start off a new year. 2013 or bust!

Um, this rescue chicken totally saved her family from a fire. Like, I'm not kidding. You go, girl!

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