New Storytelling Dinner Theater is Now Seeking Submissions

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Kathleen Miller
Eat My Heart Out director Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez at a 2012 event.
An intriguing new event is coming to the Bay Area next month. Eat My Heart Out Supper Club is a storytelling dinner theater that pairs specially created food courses with personal stories like you'd hear on This American Life or The Moth. The event has thus far only been held in New York, but with director Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez's relocation to his hometown Berkeley, the first Bay Area event will be held in the Mission on February 23 -- and the team is actively seeking submissions from would-be storytellers.

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Ashton-Gonzalez told us that he fittingly plans to unveil the secret story of how he was inspired to pair food and personal stories together at the show itself, but the short version is this: he grew up in Berkeley surrounded by a rich food culture, spent some years in New York after college involved in various gigs, and finally found dinner theater. "It was my love of stories (regardless of medium) that led me to start running storytelling shows and designing alternative kinds of theater experiences," he says. " I've been very lucky to get Eat My Heart Out up and running out here with the help of Mike Davidson, creator of the Behind The Cart underground dinners."

TableSetting EatMyHeartOut.jpg
Kathleen Miller
A table setting from a past EMHO event.

For the event, the Eat My Heart Out Crew is looking for personal stories similar to those on This American Life and The Moth, a maximum of 10 minutes long in performance. Once the stories are selected, Ashton-Gonzalez and his culinary team will work on the dishes that pair with them.

For a story example from a previous show, check out this video. The dish paired with it was an olive oil cake with yerba mate as one of the main ingredients (inside joke if you watch the video!):

Tahiat Maboob
Hope in Spain cake from a 2012 event.

Submit your story on this Google doc. To have an opportunity to tell your story at the event on February 23, your submission must be in no later than January 25 (next Friday).

Tickets for the February event aren't on sale yet, but sign up for early invitations by emailing

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