New Study Shows Voter Support for Genetically Modified Food Labeling in California

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A new study has just come out that shows that 67% of voters continue to support the labeling of genetically modified foods, despite the defeat of Prop. 37 in last November's election. The controversial Prop. 37, which would have required a label on any genetically modified food sold in California, was narrowly defeated at the polls by three percent-- a loss many on the Yes side chalked up to the $35 million spent in negative advertising put up by big companies like Monsanto and Coca-Cola. Surprisingly, this new study finds that 21% of all November 2012 California voters who voted against the proposition report they support required labeling of genetically modified foods.

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The study was commissioned by the Center for Food Safety Action Fund, and conducted by the independent polling firm Lake Research.

"This poll shows that the more the truth about Prop. 37 was received by voters, the more they voted for it," said Rebecca Spector, west coast director at Center for Food Safety. "It's a certainty that once the money-induced cloud of doubt was lifted, many Californians viewed labeling of GE foods as the smart choice."

The next steps for genetically modified food labeling in California may still be unclear, but other states have their own initiatives in the works. Washington state just delivered the necessary 350,000 signatures to the state Legislature in support of its own GE food labeling law, Initiative 522, which is expected to become a ballot measure in November. And other labeling initiatives are also expected to be introduced to the ballot this year in Vermont and Connecticut.

More than 40 countries around the world already have GMO labeling in place, including Australia, Brazil, China, India, Russia, Japan, and members of the European Union.

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Even though Monsanto spent so much on negative campaigning there is NO WAY even their employees don't want to know what the f**k their food is made of. Monsanto board of directors, I'm looking in your direction 

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