Kimchi Company Sinto Gourmet Celebrates Lunar New Year With Dumplings

Meave Gallagher
Kimchi radish by Sinto Gourmet.
Kimchi Dumplings for Lunar New Year

Where: Sinto Gourmet, 1226 Folsom (at Eighth St.)
When: Sat., Jan. 19, 5-8 p.m.
Cost: $25 (purchase in advance via Eventbrite)

The rundown: A local purveyor of kimchi products is opening up its HQ to the public for one evening only in order to celebrate the Lunar New Year with an informal class and family-style meal.

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The first day of the lunar calendar is celebrated in Korea (among other countries), where it is called Seollal. Sinto plans to share a Korean family tradition of making soup with kimchi mandu (dumplings). Guests will help make this dish as well as nokdu-jeon (mung bean pancakes), all while drinking as much mae-sil ju (green plum liquor) as you can while still being able to cook.

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