Hey, Honey: There's a Drink Called Artisanal Lemonade

Hey, Honey!
Don't let the artisanal tag dissuade you.
The descriptor of "artisanal lemonade" put us off trying the Bay Area-made Hey, Honey! for the past few months that it has been available at local markets like Rainbow Grocery and Other Avenues. C'mon, we thought, even lemonade is now artisanal? How much more handmade can something be than to squeeze a lemon in your hand?

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But don't let this hoity tag put you off like it did to us, for judging this drink by the words on the label is a mistake. Whatever you want to call it instead, the strawberry basil variety that we finally caved in and tried is some really good lemonade. All of the varieties are sweetened with honey (hence the name) but this is the one that tastes like it just came out of a star bartender's blender.

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