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Anna Roth
The excellent brown-sugar bacon and Bloody Mary at Foreign Cinema.
Happy New Year everyone! We kicked off 2013 right yesterday with a Bloody Mary and a side of slow-cooked brown sugar bacon at Foreign Cinema. Man that bacon is good, thick-cut and all sweet and salty at the same time, with these delicious sugary crispy bits at the ends. It was delicious warm when we ordered it at noon, and just as tasty hours later when we ate the remainder for a cold nighttime snack. It got us thinking about some of the other great bacon orders around town.

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Sweet/salty flavors seem to be all the rage lately. We recently had the Millionaire's Bacon at Blackwood in the Marina -- thick, nearly steak-like strips oozing with a syrupy honey sauce cut slightly with chilies, which can also be found at Sweet Maple in Pac Heights. It's undeniably delicious, but one slice is almost too much, and two (the standard order) are overload for one person.

Of course, one can't overlook the bacon bouquet (and numerous other bacon-y charms) of the Bacon Bacon Kitchen in the Haight, now the only location to get their porky goods since their food truck is out of commission. And in terms of just straight-up good stuff, we have to give a nod to Nopa's house-cured bacon, which is thick, chewy, salty, meaty, and everything we want in the morning. Or anytime.

What's your favorite bacon in S.F.?

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Foreign Cinema

2534 Mission, San Francisco, CA

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2150 Chestnut St., San Francisco, CA

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Sweet Maple

2101 Sutter, San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant

Bacon Bacon Kitchen - CLOSED

205 Frederick St., San Francisco, CA

Category: Restaurant


560 Divisadero, San Francisco, CA

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The Rosemary Crusted Bacon from Market & Rye is amazing! 

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