Shots Fired: Five Restaurant Websites That Make Us Feel Violent

Bad restaurant sites make people click through for the address.
SFoodie has previously fired warning shots to restaurants to get their act together when it comes to making a website. But it seems the industry hasn't listened, and now it's time to name names. These five restaurants may have fine food, but you'd never know it by their terrible websites. These five examples illustrate various archetypes and honestly make us feel like kicking something:

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5. Atelier Crenn
We know Dominique Crenn is an exquisite chef because we've had the opportunity to try her food, but all you can discern from the restaurant's website is that it is something called "poetic culinaria" and it's going to cost you $160 to eat dishes with names like "Birth which gives its morning mystery" and "Fallen leaf of crispy Autumn scene." Yes, this site has pretty pictures, but we're gonna need a bit more info than that for that much money.

4. Chez Panisse
Despite being called out in a 2011 Slate article decrying poor restaurant web design, this site still has a black-and-white film intro that will crash your browser unless there's a "Pro" at the end of your MacBook. Not unlike what this place will do to your wallet for a piece of fresh fruit on a plate. The 'skip intro' option doesn't help because you're already deep into the pinwheel of death by the time it appears.

3. Rose Pistola
This is just one of dozens of restaurant websites that doesn't list the address on the homepage. Why are you making people click through to find out this most vital information?

2. Blowfish Sushi
"Step into your senses. . . " Pretentious restaurant website text is the worst. We just want a piece of raw fish.

1. Level III
Despite being called out in the Eater Hall of Shame some four years ago, this site still plays some horrifying faux-dramatic instrumental when you click on it. Automatically blaring music on a restaurant website is always a no good, very bad idea.

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