Everyone Calm Down, There's No Major Chicken Wing Shortage

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News of an imminent chicken wing shortage swept the Internet this morning, sending many Americans into a panic because this is the week before the Super Bowl and what's the Super Bowl without chicken wings and omg is this a sign of the end of the world?!!

But don't worry; reports of a chicken wing shortage are greatly exaggerated. The rumor started thanks to a report put out by the National Chicken Council, which said that wing consumption is down 1 percent this Super Bowl, due in part to high prices for corn and feed thanks to last summer's drought. This means that Americans will only eat 1.23 billion chicken wing portions this Super Bowl Sunday, a number down about 12.3 million wings since last year, but nothing approaching a shortage by any means.

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That didn't stop two men in Atlanta from allegedly attempting a chicken wing heist last week, however. The suspects were arrested last week by the Gwinnet County Police Department for attempting to steal $65,000 in chicken wings from a Tyson loading zone.

Lack of evidence also didn't stop PR people from jumping on the non-event -- this morning we received a press release from an enterprising rep from El Pollo Loco, calling this so-called shortage "a crisis of epic proportions" and offering what we can only assume were meant to be humorous suggestions for getting wings ahead of the Super Bowl, including camping outside a grocery store and buying a chicken farm (the third suggestion was to go to El Pollo Loco, of course).

There's no need. We're not having a chicken wing crisis. There will be plenty of wings to go around on Super Bowl Sunday. It's all gonna be okay.

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